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Maya kothari, the dynamic principal and founder, is the brain and intellect behind the stupendous success of My own playhouse. She is always reinventing and improvising on earlier experiences and infusing new ideas, innovative themes and injecting a vibrant, pulsating energy in every successive year.

One cannot improve on perfection, true, but when one is constantly evaluating oneself, there is always scope for innovation.


My Own Playhouse started on 15th June, 1990. It has completed 29 glorious years in its
realm of imparting education filled with fun, frolic and joy!!
A long way we have travelled, and a long way we yet have to tread.

Over the years, My Own Playhouse has conceptualised a holistic approach to enhancing a child’s complete foundational aspects such as social interaction, active thinking, co-operation and sharing, communicating, environmental understanding, problem solving etc.

My Own Playhouse has stepped up to understand the dreams and hopes of parents who want the best for their kids, aiming to be an integral part of the first stepping stones of your child’s future.


Our overall growth centre



Math and Logic

Story Telling and Story Analysing

Role Playing

Clay Modelling




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